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THE POWER OF BELIEF- 2020 MSEA Presentation Highlights

Friday, October 16, 2020 I had the honor and privilege of presenting to a group of my professional colleagues as educators at the MSEA virtual workshop convention. This is my second year presenting. Today's topic The Power of Belief is a word of encouragement for educators to aid them in maintaining or reclaiming their belief they make, can make, and will make a difference in their ability to inspire, influence, and impact student achievement.

Included is the concept of being a consistent positive contributor to self, as an educator, to build your 'professional self-esteem' to keep you encouraged, uplifted, and motivated in your role as a classroom teacher.

Provided are a few highlights from the PowerPoint presentation used during the workshop:

2020 MSEA Convention Workshop Presentati
Download • 1.05MB

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