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Cortland Jons


Mr. Cortland Jones has worked with my 16 year old daughter, coaching her for several months on an illustration project. It has honestly been an absolute pleasure to see how he helped my daughter believe in herself and her dreams. I watched him help her overcome several roadblocks of self doubt that she encountered while working with him. During their sessions, if something personal came up that was interfering with her work and that she was having a problem with, he would automatically offer his assistance if it was wanted. Helping her with this was not the assignment but he stepped in without hesitation to help her build up her self esteem.

Mr. Jones' coaching services are very professional and he also creates a very comfortable safe space to relax and dig deep into what your needs are. I started being a part of my daughter’s virtual sessions in the beginning just to meet him and see how they would work together. In my mind, my appearance was supposed to be temporary but he welcomed me to continue in on the sessions and even helped me with some issues I was having. I am forever grateful for the advice that he gave me and the people he connected me with.

I absolutely recommend Mr. Jones' coaching services to any teen, parent, or teen/parent combo. I am so happy that he has dedicated himself to helping teens and their parents especially in the times we are living in.


Nicole Coles

I have learned so much throughout this coaching experience and grown so much as a writer. My overall thought about this experience is it does more than help you to write a book or be a better writer. The experience gives you life techniques, skills, and teaches you the consistency that can help you in any area of your life. I enjoyed how Mr. Cortland Jones took the time to get to know you first as a person so that he can better help you with what you need. I saw my descriptive detail being benefited the most in my writing along with my mental health from journaling every day which was asked of me at the beginning of this experience. I was able to let go of all my ideas, thoughts, and feelings and put them on paper instead of overloading my brain. I would recommend this program to another aspiring author because the outcome will be greater and better than you could have ever imagined. 

Kiarah Williams

I am so glad that I signed up for the Empowerment Coaching Service!  I had been feeling unbalanced trying to juggle work, kids, and caring for aging parents. After praying about it, all signs seemed to point to journaling as a way to refocus and get back on track.  I thought it would be difficult to add one more thing to my schedule, but the scheduling was flexible with plenty of reminders.  I got the support and accountability I needed to realize my goals.

Ashley Lam

I truly enjoyed working with Cortland.  He was very professional, patient, thorough and knowledgeable.  He made the grant writing process seamless. I would use him again, and I highly recommend him to others! 

Marcy Myles-Clark

I left yesterday's session feeling encouraged and even more determined! I truly appreciate you making yourself available, and for sharing your experience so I can refocus. It's so comforting to know that I'm not alone; that yucky feeling that can sometimes make me feel like "what am I doing wrong." I left yesterday with the intention to focus on what I am doing right, and will adjust it to the students. 

I will be at the next sessions.

A. Peterkin

Participating in the Teacher's Lounge is the best activity I could join. The Teacher's Lounge is the only place where I can open up and share my experiences good and bad. Here I can get tips and advice on how I can improve. Attending is a great outlet and helps me to be an effective educator. 

Eric Johnson

Mr. Jones was wonderful to work with! He helped me realize something that helped me with my dreams. At first I thought that we only talk about art, but if there were any personal problems that was stopping me from doing my art, we would also talk about it. It almost felt like therapy at times. the coaching service definitely helped me with procrastinating. But one of the biggest takeaways from the coaching service was that my art doesn't always have to be realistic. And that everybody has their own style. I would recommend this coaching service to parents and teens. Because the teens and the parents can take away important lessons from this service. It's also a way for the parent and the teen to be more open with each other.

Ashley Coles

"The support group has been very helpful in my progression as a teacher. I started to hit burn out around February and everything we have covered in support has helped me regain strength. I am truly thankful to Mr. Jones for seeing the need and filling it. " 


Carleen Howard

"Cortland Jones is a passionate speaker and trainer with a wealth of knowledge.  I have had the opportunity and privilege of co-presenting with Cortland for several teachers and parent workshops over the past 15 years. He is able to connect with his participants as well as adjust his presentation to meet the needs of any audience.  Years after workshops are finished, participants speak of the practical words of encouragement and advice that Cortland shares. I recommend Cortland highly as a speaker."

Shauna F. King, 
Educator, Author & Speaker

"I have had the honor of facilitating the National Family Resiliency Center's seminars with Cortland Jones for more than fifteen years. Mr. Jones has the ability to connect with people in an authentic way. He can transform an actively disengaged group of court-ordered individuals into an audience open to new thoughts and ideas. Mr. Jones speaks with confidence and authority and thinks on his feet to respond to questions from the audience in a succinct manner. I really admire Cortland and am honored to work alongside him." 

Carolyn Wohnsigl

"I was a participant of Cortland Jones presentation at the 3rd Annual Black Educator's Rock Conference. He did a great job and was a fantastic speaker. He gave practical steps on how to handle classroom management and he was very honest about his struggles previously with poor classroom management which made his presentation so relative."

Simene Walden

"I have known Cortland for about six years in his capacity as a co-presenter and facilitator for the National Family Resiliency Center in Columbia, Maryland. He is quite articulate and is very skilled in connecting with his audience. He has the ability to engage a diverse audience and has an excellent ability to paint a picture through his storytelling.  On the occasions when Cortland and I have presented together, I have often been so “caught up “ in his presentation that I miss my cue to begin my part. We have had many laughs about this. Cortland speaks with confidence, has a great personality and I believe he would do well in any public speaking venue." 

Pamela Blackwell, M.Ed., LCPC
NFRC Coordinator for Educational Programs

"I would describe Cortland's public speaking style as "calm, cool, and collected".  He naturally connects with audiences through his strong storytelling abilities and creative use of metaphors. He uses a combination of professional knowledge and personal wisdom to both analyze and respond to the needs of the audience.  I very much appreciate having Cortland as a co-presenter, particularly when audiences are particularly challenging :)"

Trish Adkinson

'Wow, Cortland! Thank you for that powerful video message! I've witnessed your amazing coaching abilities when I attempted writing out of my comfort zone. I wrote, thought, tore up, wrote again and tore up for a couple weeks. At the last hour, you were able to inspire me to confidently accomplish what I was trying to do for a few weeks, lol! Thank you for believing in me. May you be a blessing to inspire Educators to remain wrapped in grace as we educate our students.' 

Altamese Thompsons Larkins 

"When I first met Cortland Jones in the Summer of 2015, I had no idea that we would work together in this capacity. At the time, I was working with another non-profit and I was there on their behalf. We were successful in partnering with Mr. Jones, and we worked together on a few projects. Fast forward to March of 2016: I was no longer working with the non-profit organization, effective Jan. 1 2016, and I had not spoken with Cortland since December.

He called me in March and asked me to meet with him. When we met a few days later he asked me if I would consider being a board member for a non-profit organization he would be starting in the Summer.I agreed; The Better Place, Inc. began operating in June of 2016; and my last board meeting is at the end of this month.


As a founding board member of The Better Place, Inc. for the past two years, I have learned and experienced so much under the guidance of Cortland Jones. He also made my own dreams come true by walking with me, step by step, on how to create, advertise for, and implement a tutoring program. The Better Place, Inc. successfully ran a 12-week tutoring program from Saturday, January 13, 2018, to Saturday, May 5, 2017. PROJECT TUTOR: Guardians of Greenbelt met on Saturdays, for 12 weeks, at the Greenbelt Library.

My time as a board member will be up at the end of the month, but we have plans to partner the Up 2 Know Good Learning Center, LLC with The Better Place, Inc. to ensure that PROJECT TUTOR Guardians of Greenbelt continues.

"What can I say about Cortland?", I thought to myself.
In short..... He is a GREAT mentor, colleague, and friend.


Christopher W. Person
Founding Board Member
The Better Place, Inc.


Within 60 days of being under Mr. Jones' coaching program, I saw an immediate transformation. My focus shifted and my business productivity drastically increased. Under his coaching/mentorship, I was able to create new programming and publish my first book. Mr. Jones' is a phenomenal coach equipped with Christian principles, a wealth of practical business knowledge and a network of trailblazers in the area of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. 

Linnita Hosten
Speaker and Author of The College Strategy

It has been a blessing to have Mr. Jones as my coach and mentor. During my first three sessions, Mr. Jones has helped me to stay focused, steadfast, and determined in my desire of becoming an independent author and life coach through the use of Scripture and Christian principles. Mr. Jones sends me daily encouragement, inspiration as well as tips on how to remain committed in my journey. He has provided a wealth of knowledge by using and sharing his own personal experiences from his journey. I am looking forward to what my next phase with Mr. Jones as my coach/mentor will bring.

Lisa Council

I have been reflecting with a colleague, Mr. Cortland Jones, since about the third week of school. We started meeting after school and then switched to before school. We have been focusing on classroom management strategies. We share strategies, ask questions, hypothesize, collect data, draw conclusions, and share strategies from Apps for smartphones to models used in the classroom. Mr. Jones is a conscious, reflective teacher that I have had the pleasure of collaborating and reflecting with bi-weekly.


Airis Freeman

Greenbelt MS Teacher

 I can’t express how important the “Teacher’s Lounge” has been and how much it has benefited myself and my students.  Each time I have been to a “teacher’s lounge” meeting, Mr. Jones has not only provided answers to questions that I never knew I had, but he has also provided me with the tools to appropriately self-reflect and assess myself inside and outside of the classroom. It is evident that Mr. Jones not only has a passion for education but also for the educator. My top 3 takeaways from the “Teacher’s Lounge” are understanding the importance of owning your classroom, teaching beyond the lesson/subject and self-care.  I am forever grateful that Mr. Jones created the “Teacher’s Lounge” and would recommend anyone in the education field to join! 


Alisha Styles

Greenbelt MS Teacher

Cortland Jones reached out to me here on LinkedIn just about four years ago to support a girls' initiative/program at Greenbelt Middle School. Our organization, IT TAKES TWO, INC, was happy to support the event. Since that event, Cortland has been a major supporter of our nonprofit work to support local Maryland youth through participating in our reading challenge, recruiting students to assist as junior tutors for a summer math program in 2015, having his students submit essays for our contests, and most recently adopting the title of #Back2SchoolAmbassador to share positive messages for students. He just recorded another message now that we are distance learning. Cortland is an educator and indeed a youth advocate. 


Jaemellah Kemp

I enthusiastically endorse Cortland as a strong and effective community leader and entrepreneur. We have worked together on community projects such as the Nonprofit Leadership Workshop since 2012, and I can attest to his integrity, creativity, knowledge, and vision. As an entrepreneur, Cortland identifies an unmet need in the community and tenaciously and creatively works to address it. He has an indomitable spirit and in all of his endeavors, he exhibits a relentless quest for excellence. It has been an honor to work with Cortland over the years. I have served as a panelist for the Nonprofit Leadership Workshop and am very impressed with Cortland's organizational skills and with his vision for encouraging and equipping future nonprofit leaders in the community. For example, Cortland provided opportunities for participants from his informative conference to make valuable connections with other nonprofit leaders. These connections provided a priceless opportunity for opening the door to future partnerships and collaborations, which is critical for a nonprofit's success.


Lisa Vernon

Cortland Jones, aside from being a colleague and friend within the Prince George's Public School System, became my mentor. While experiencing life challenges, Cortland was instrumental in using his gift as a coach and spiritual leader to mentor and provide support and encouragement to me. Cortland was one of the individuals in my circle that encouraged me to journal my thoughts and experiences. His encouragement and inspiration were instrumental in me documenting my journey in my first book. In fact, it was at a workshop where Cortland invited me to speak that the title of my first book was born. Cortland is passionate about the youth and his commitment can be demonstrated in the many years he has served Prince George's County Public Schools as well as his community. It was at a PG County High School where I met and began to work with Cortland. Cortland's work as a mentor inspired me to later start my company Esteem NOW. There are some people whom you meet and know that they will leave a mark on your life and the lives of others. Cortland Jones is one of those people. I am honored to have Cortland as a mentor and as a life-long friend.

Serwa Kenyetta Groves

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