Write Now! is a program for young and aspiring writers to foster their writing techniques and craft their work under Cortland's guidance, in partnership with the Howard County Arts Council. The program is a great combination of Cortland's experience working with students, coaching, and his own writing experience. During the 10-week program students learn and focus on:


  • Identifying Themes / Topics of Interest for Story Concept

  • Identifying Story Concept

  • Character Development

  • Narrative Endings Selection

  • Story Development

  • Manuscript Development

  • Publishing, Marketing, & Promotion


Red Yellow Green: Insights on  Dating for Teens

By Isaiah Christian Jones

The College Strategy

By Linnita Hosten

School Smart: It's More than Just Reading and Writing

By Shauna F. King

Rebirth of Me: Embracing the Journey

By Serwa Kenyetta Agyeman

Cortland works closely with each aspiring author to develop the basic elements of a book. As the author of four books, Cortland has valuable knowledge that he loves sharing. Reach out and get that plot or story that's been on your mind published.

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