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Are you wondering, 'Why am I here?'

Do you contemplate periodically why you are here on Earth or struggle with understanding your purpose?

Children begin to answer this question during childhood by declaring what they will be when they grow up when they say, 'I want to be a...' Although time may influence change in how they see themselves, known as the self-concept, they search in their hearts and minds to identify with their future by identifying in the world around them where their purpose lies. Self-concept is the idea or thought an individual has of themselves related to goals, interests, skills, abilities, personality, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Though others may still be unsure or uncertain about life's meaning and purpose as they transition into adulthood, I do believe there are concrete, definitive answers to life's questions about meaning and purpose to life.

One place I have learned to identify with my life's meaning and purpose is what I discovered one day reading the book of Isaiah. 'Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.' - Isaiah 43:7 NIV My life's journey and exposure to reading the Bible positioned me to discover this verse that led me to believe my meaning and purpose in life was directly connected to being created by God to bring Him glory. Discovering this verse solidified for me the answers to life's questions about why I'm here and my purpose for being here.

This revelation and insight received from reading the Bible is the source of what inspired my desire and motivation to write and publish my first book Out of the Darkness: A Journey into the Marvelous Light. Discover God's plan, purpose, fulfillment, power, and glory revealed in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ that leads to experiencing the elevated, expanded, exponential lifestyle encountered walking by faith. I do not believe God desires that we spend our days wandering uncertain and unsure about meaning and without purpose. My book provides insights, information, and inspiration to aid its readers in discovering answers to life's questions about meaning and purpose. Check it out! Get your autographed copy with free shipping today!

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