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How to Connect with Your Ideal Client

Look up stories about difficult clients and you may find relatable stories that mirror some of your experiences. Sometimes people have different creative and business management styles and processes that don’t align with how you provide your services or who you want to be as a business owner. Here are a few ways to connect with your ideal client.

Be genuine about who you are as a brand and business owner. Often times, people try to shape their brand image around what’s trendy to attract new clients. If you spend time painting a picture that doesn't reflect who you are, you will attract clients and interest in all the things you are not. There are people out there who need you just the way you are.

Outline your services clearly. Whether on your website or in your meetings with prospective clients, be clear about the services you will offer and the ones you do not. If you’re a social media consultant, don’t say yes to someone who’s expecting you to also build out a website or do direct mail marketing.

Use your network to connect with like-minded people. Many people find clients through word of mouth. Chat with people in your network and see if they know anyone who could potentially need your services. If they are someone you get along with and trust, you will more than likely have an easier time connecting with who they introduce you too.

Define your audience. A major element of finding your ideal client is knowing who they are. If you’re marketing your services to everyone, you may be overlooking or failing to reach a specific group that would benefit the most from your services. Make a list of demographics ranging from location to budget for your services. This will make it easier to narrow down who you agree to work with.

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